about is this up

is this up is a monthly publication of short fiction. Each issue features two authors whose work is published back-to-back.

is this up is strange because we are strange.

is this up seeks writing that is joyfully experimental, artificial, transgressive, restlessly inventive, searching and wild.

is this up is, generally speaking, short fiction, prose poetry, and possibly black & white comics.

is this up seeks to locate at least some of its sensibility in writing that is

  • working class
  • rust belt surrealism
  • quirky
  • African-American futurism
  • feminist
  • queer
  • punk
  • hip-hop
  • midwestern gothic
  • ethnic
  • immigrant
  • ecstatic
  • midwest post-industrial futurism
  • dreamlike
  • obsessive
  • non-linear
  • poetic
  • bewildering
  • joyfully creative
  • whatever else we can think of

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