Tony Vavlas

  • Tony is a lifelong resident of Campbell, Ohio and lives there with his wife and daughter as well as one dog and four cats. Tony’s father lives next door. Tony has been a son his entire life but has just recently taken on expanded duties. With the sudden passing of his Mom, Tony is tasked with fielding a multitude of phone calls on a variety of subjects from his Dad. The phone calls may occur at any and all hours of the day or night. Some of Tony’s other literary works include “Homework Stinks: A Study of Systematic Oppression within the American Educational System” in the 4th grade, for which he received a C+ and “Please Don’t Turn Off the Lights, the Check is in the Mail” a letter to the Ohio Edison Power Company for which he received a late fee. His hobbies include ghost hunting with his family and travelling. Tony also loves watching sporting events and routinely attends games with his Dad. Tony was raised (coerced) by his father to become a fan of all Cleveland sports franchises. It is a cross he bears proudly. Tony is a graduate of Youngstown State University, receiving his degree after twenty-four years of study. It was there that Tony developed a love for writing and discovered his literary hero, Mike Royko. His freshman English professor compared Tony’s work to that of his hero stating that “I cannot compare the quality of your work to that of Mr. Royko’s, but it seems as though you use the same alphabet with somewhat less flair and efficiency.”