You Can't Feed Butter to a Cat!

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You Can't Feed Butter to a Cat features the humorous and touching telephone conversations between Tony Vavlas and his father, Anthony, a retiree with a boundless love of life and a Yogi Berra-like style of expressing his curiosity and wisdom. Vavlas' talks often begin with a phone call from his father, who has a tendency to ask surprising questions. The conversations between father and son explore all the important topics: Is it okay to feed the squirrels discount iced oatmeal cookies, or should you buy a brand name? Should you buy socks from the flea market? Can you use gift tags in place of return address labels? And, can feta cheese be domesticated? Most of all, Vavlas succeeds in capturing the unique speech patterns, as well as the sense of humor in the way fathers and sons of the Youngstown area talk to one another.

You Can't Feed Butter to a Cat! and other conversations with my dad, by Tony Vavlas